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Léna’s cake project in photos

Dessin humoristique sweet art par Penelope milner

When you have made a wedding cake for a client it’s always a pleasure to be contacted again – to help celebrate another great event with the family.
This time it was for Léna’s first birthday…

1. I was contacted by Lénas mum with her project for The first birthday cake

gateau Lena

2. The white velvet sponge cake being filled with raspberry butter cream

wedding cake et garniture wedding cake et garniture


3. Covering the cake with the sugar paste

gateau pate a sucre gateau pate a sucre


4. The cake, decoration complete, ready to be sent

gateau anniversaire fille


5. All ready to go… A big” thank you” to Léna’s mum for her photos and her lovely thank you message

gateau anniversaire fille