Corporate cakes


Cakes for all corporate events.

Which occasions?

Businesses, large or small have events to celebrate; the launch of a new product, a retirement, for the New Year or the anniversary of its creation.
Each occasion is unique, and deserves a unique cake, created in collaboration and in tune with the image of the corporation. So why not choose a unique sculpted cake bearing the companies’ logo or colours?

Which cake to choose for a corporate event?

By working with Wedding Cake World, you will be working with a professional who will meet your needs in quality and reliability; freshly made, delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Choose your type of cake from our range of styles

  • Single tier cakes
  • Stacked cakes
  • Novelty cakes
  • Cupcakes & cookies

The choice is yours. Visit the Flavours & decoration page to choose from our wide range of flavours and fillings.


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Some of our creations

Our cakes are made to measure, created in collaboration and in tune with the image of your business

Stacked, carved or single tier cakes, cupcakes or decorated cookies: The choice is yours



A creative alternative to your traditional Corporate Cake.

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